Spray J - fabric spray

Spray J - fabric spray

Imagine scents that stimulate the senses, energetic, relaxing fragrances, full of passion and harmony. Now think about soft, clean fabrics. Combine them and fill your home with a soft, sweet and delicate aroma. This is the effect of our Spray J for fabrics by Le Essenze di Elda, with a persistent and full-bodied scent.

Essence: J
Fragrance: floral, intense, with woody and musky notes
Bottle of: 400 ml

Fabrics: spray at a distance of at least 30 cm to perfume curtains, bedspreads, sofas and fabrics of various kinds. Repeat according to the desired intensity of perfume. Linen and clothes: spray at a distance before or after ironing, when they are placed in the closet or before wearing them.


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Our Spray J for fabrics was born from the passion for fragrances of Le Essenze di Elda. Its scent releases the fresh notes of wood and musk, for a fragrant and original laundry. Your linen will smell clean for a long time, in and out of the closet.

Additional Information
Name Spray J - fabric spray
Fragrance Floral
Product Label Spray per tessuti J
Essence No
Quantity 400 ml

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