Essenza di Energia Aromaterapy - Laundry perfumer 500 ml

Essenza di Energia Aromaterapy - Laundry perfumer 500 ml


Imagine essences that stimulate the senses, energetic, relaxing fragrances, full of passion and harmony. Now think about your laundry, fresh and clean. Combine them and fill your home with a soft, sweet and delicate aroma. This is the effect of Le Essenze di Elda's laundry perfumers, with their persistent and full-bodied fragrances.

Essence: Super Essenza Energia from the Aromatherapy line
Fragrance: fresh and sparkling
Bottle: 500 ml

Easy to use in the washing machine. Pour a dose of our essence into the softener tray and your garments will perfume for days, even when stored in the closet. Every time you open your wardrobe, the delicate aroma of our Super Essenza Energia will spread around you, leaving a feeling of fresh and clean.

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Our Super Essenza Energia is a laundry perfumer born from the passion for fragrances of Le Essenze di Elda. Inspired by aromatherapy, it is a fresh and light fragrance that recalls the crisp breeze of spring mornings.

Additional Information
Name Essenza di Energia Aromaterapy - Laundry perfumer 500 ml
Fragrance Fresh
Product Label Essenza di Energia
Essence Energy
Quantity 500 ml

Instructions for use

for washing machine use follow these 3 simple steps:

icona lavatrice

Load the washing machine

Insert your laundry and pour in the detergent you normally use

icona profumatore

Pour the Essence

Pour your Favorite Essence into the softener compartment, if you want to add a neutral fabric softener

Icona bucato

Perfume your laundry

Your linen will remain; fragrant on the clothesline and in the wardrobe for weeks.

The inimitable and original laundry perfumers!

Le Essenze di Elda are laundry perfumers in liquid form that, thanks to the quality of the raw materials and the high concentration of essence, leave freshly laundered laundry smelling great.

The fragrance persists even for weeks once the clothes have been put away in the wardrobe. Le Essenze di Elda are available in numerous different fragrances for every taste and style.

Essenze e Super Essenze da bucato

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